We are a South Carolina farm specializing in homesteading, DIY, and raising animals. 

My husband and I settled into a small town called Enoree (population 665), South Carolina in 2018. The River Goat started as our passion for animals and DIY projects expanded and began to intertwine with our new found lives. We left our apartment in Miami, Florida to start a new life in our home in the Woods. 
Our herd began in May 2018 with its founding Saanen goats Elvis, Bruno, and Luke (all of our goats are named after musicians!). Elvis is our one and only stud while Bruno and Luke are weathers, making them great company for any hooved friend. In November 2018 our girls joined the herd, and we named them Lucille and Dolly.  May 2019 brought our first season of milk with the birth of one kid for each of our Does. 
.... And here we are in 2022 ! Again, welcome to our page. Stay a while, explore our products and blog, and feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Sarah aka Herd Mom