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Easy DIY Pesto with homegrown herbs.

We have a small herb garden on our property that has survived over 2 years already. In it, you’ll find some of the typical well behaved home grown herbs (Rosemary, Green Onion, Lemon Thyme, parsley, Sage, Spearmint, and Basil). And by well behaved I mean as long as you keep them watered there’s not much else to it. This year, we upped the ante a bit and tried our hands at curly kale amongst some others. With a surplus of herbs and kale, I started thinking up ideas on what to make. Ive recently learned that Pesto Sauce can be made with a variety of greens, not just Basil. Pesto is so yum! I like to put it on pasta, chicken, or dip some warm and toasy Italian bread in it.

So I decided to make my own style pesto using a little bit of everything in the herbs garden, plus the usual suspects Olive Oil and Garlic.

I put together some of the things I harvested from our little garden. I added it all to the food processor and BAM!

I did end up making a second batch recently because I had a large amount of herbs again. This time, I froze them into an ice cube tray to use at a later time. it works out perfectly.

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