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Easy Immune Boost Oxymel

I decided to make my first homemade Oxymel this year. To be honest, I didn’t even know what an Oxymel was until recently! But it is one of those things too good to pass up making at least one time in your life. The only thing I really splurged on with this recipe was a good bottle of organic apple cider vinegar and high-quality organic honey. Everything else came from my backyard or herb garden. The possibilities are endless with the ingredients you can use for infusion. Anything will work, from blueberries and garlic to common weeds found in your backyard.

What is an Oxymel? In breaking down the word itself, Oxy can mean some thing acidic or sharp while mel means Honey (ACV & Honey are the 2 main ingredients). Oxymel has been used as a natural herbal immune system boost far longer than anyone living. Ingredients are added to be infused in an airtight jar followed by a period sitting in a cool dark place. After 2 weeks, the mixture can be consumed in drinks, food, or on its own.

Here are the ingredients I used and why I decided to use them.

Dandelions: Fights inflammation, reduce helps stabilize cholesterol & blood pressur, healthy liver.

Sage: High in vitamin K, magnesium, zinc, and copper.

Lemon thyme: Research suggests that thyme may have analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties

Peppermint: Alleviates stomach issues, boosts energy & focu, kills germs.

Violet flowers: fights inflammation and helps alleviate respiratory conditions.

Orange peel: High in tons of vitamins but there are suggestions that it may help manage Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Lemon peel: antioxidants, antifungal, and blends in perfectly with the taste of honey and ACV.

I went with a good size mason jar and used half apple cider vinegar and a half honey. Older recipes called for 3 parts honey to 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar, but you can make it as acidic or sweet as you like

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