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Easy Window Plant Shelf

We bought our house with the idea that we would constantly be in creation mode. Our fixer-upper came to be in 2018 and the projects have not stopped since. Some bigger than others, some only small touchups here and there.

A lot of my gardening so far had all been outdoors. Landscaping, an herb garden, some fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers. Then one day I looked at my kitchen window with all of the sunlight coming in during the day and thought “it’s missing some thing”.

That’s when I decided to use my handy-dandy DIY skills (and handy-dandy husband 😘) to do some redecorating. We ended up with this super cool, cost-effective wood shelves.

The total amount we spent on making this shelf was around $10. With the way our windows are shaped and placed, we went with a single bracket down the middle to help support the weight. You may be able to put up a bracket on each end of the board. We used the left over cutting from the 8ft boards to brace the shelf together (no extra material needed).

During season, you can get terra cotta clay pots for under a dollar at Walmart. I picked out some low maintenance plants that I know will enjoy the sunshine and will survive the Winter indoors.

Variegated Vinca Vine

String of Buttons Succulent

Common Purslane

Moss Rose


Having this shelf directly over the sink makes it easy to keep an eye on these babies to keep them watered.

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