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Get to know The River Goat family

Hello all! If you’ve found our blog, you are probably interested in learning how to use Goat Milk in various ways including soap making and cooking, interested in learning more about Goats, or just plain old love how cute snd smart goats are. In this post you will learn some facts about the main goats in our herd. Follow us for future tips for mini farms, goat care, and recipes.


Elvis is the stud of our herd. He was one of the first goats to run up to us when we first visited the farm to find our babies. We had no idea what we were doing or what to look for in a goat. So I went with what i thought was a good criteria, a good personality. Elvis was born March 28, 2018. He was part of a triplets litter and raised as a bottle baby, which would explain his friendliness. We are not too sure what he weighs today due to not owning a scale that big, but we assume that he is anywhere between 160 lbs - 180 lbs.

Favorite thing to do: Scratch the top of his head against anything and everything.

Favorite goat friend: His girls (Lucille & Dolly)

Worse quality: Doesn’t realize his size so constantly breaks Pickets off our fence from standing on them.

Best quality: Cuddle bug loves being pet and brushed.


I’ve always said this, if Bruno wasn’t a wether he would definitely give Elvis some competition as to who is the more dominant one. For those of you reading this and do not know what exactly wether is, it is a goat that has been castrated soon after it is born. This is done for many reasons, but mostly if you run a big herd you may not want certain animals breeding. Sometimes due to genetics, sometimes due to disabilities. We bought Bruno to act as a companion. Goats do not like being alone.

Bruno was born March 27, 2018. His litter size was 2 (later we find out Dolly is his twin).

Favorite thing to do: Jump up in the air when my human is trying to walk calmly with a bucket of food and land on the bucket, spilling food everywhere. Always loves butting heads.

Favorite goat friend: Luke. They do the whole dominance dance with each other all the time to see who is in second place for dominance in the herd. They pick on each other a lot, race around the pen, and bump heads.


Best quality: Loves to cuddle on a hammock.


Luke was given to us by the breeder. He had been born with a deformity in his front legs. We took him in with the promise to the breeder that we would never eat him LOL (we aren’t fans of goat meat in our house anyways). He is a wether companion goat just like Bruno, because of his legs. He has grown up over the last couple of years to be just as spunky, fast, and loving as the rest. His legs seemed to have straightened out a bit more since he was younger, but he is a lot shorter than the rest of them. Luke was born on May 18, 2018 part of a triplets litter. (We later find out that Lucille‘s is his sister)

Favorite thing to do: Lay down next to the food bowl after it’s empty and lick the crumbs off the bottom.

Favorite goat friend: Loves his sister, Lucille and all humans.

Worse quality: always hungry

Best quality: Very friendly with everyone and animal.


Our sweet Dolly is the dominant one out of the 2 does we have year-round. Born March 28, 2018 she was a perfect match for our Elvis because she was around the same age. Even though she came to us very skittish, she has grown into her personality. We acquired our girls in November, 6 months after we brought the boys home and had them settled in. Not long after, we figured out by looking up their lineage that Dolly and Bruno were from the same Sire (dad) and Dam (mom) and litter. They recognized each other some how and can usually be found hanging out together. In the Spring of 2019 she had her first kid.

Favorite thing to do: Jump up on high places to sunbathe.

Favorite goat friend: Lucille and Bruno

Worse quality: Hates having her hooves trimmed.

Best quality: Will come right up to you and ask for head scratchies.



Our shy girl. Born March 18, 2018 she is skeptical of EVERYTHING. it has taken a while for her to trust us. I helped her birth her first kid spring 2019 and soon after she started coming around and trusting us more. Lucille is from the same Sire (dad) and Dam (mom) and littermate with Luke. They can usually be found hanging out together as well. It is really odd but I am convinced that the siblings understand that they are related, even though they were separated for 6 months.

Favorite thing to do: Sunbathe in the grass.

Favorite goat friend: Dolly

Worse quality: Will love you one day and will want nothing to do with you the next.

Best quality: Is always watching with curiosity

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