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Simple Rock & Cedar Path Landscape

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

We are blessed to have a beitiful yard at our house with real Zoysia grass that grows thick and spreads fast in the Spring & Summer. It started as patches and has spread to most of the property except some of the backyard.

We are constantly looking for ways to better the landscaping. There’s just a great feeling behind getting compliments on a yard you work so hard to keep looking good.

One part of our yard always bothered me and I made comments about it for a solid 2 years before it became a project. The walkway area into the front porch was just some gray bricks that had been over grown with grass since we bought our home. Sometmines I get an itch to do a project, this day I just picked up the shovel and tore out all the bricks... leaving multiple deep holes In the ground. “There! Now I HAVE to fix it” and off I went to look for matching #5 stone that we have in our driveway. What we did first was plan how wide we wanted the walkway to be (no way I can make lines that straight that was hubby) He also did some major leveling of the ground here because it was on a slope to top it off.

We have tons of beautiful rock all over the property that are native in the area. A lot of the landscaping is done in this rock, so it was clear that would be what our walkway border

Another thing we have plenty of around here are cedar trees. We harvest them often and take them to the local saw mill for projects. They fall easily with strong storm winds. Having this option of a sawmill has saved us a ton of money on projects! The red cedar tree was cut into 4x4 posts and then 16” cuts for the steps. Following with 2 coats of polyurethane to protect the wood.

Each step was checked with a level to make sure it was laying flat and the space between each wood was measured.

Lastly, what I think is the most satisfying part was throwing the brand née stone into the whole.

Voila!! Good as new.

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